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Several hundred million adults use the internet as a source to search for products, services or information, and this number is likely to grow each year. As the number of websites grow on the internet, it is getting increasingly difficult for web surfers to find the product or service that they need. As a result, web surfers are turning to online niche directories, such as the attorney directory from US Attorneys, to sift through the numerous websites and locate the product or service that they need.

We provide people who are looking for an attorney with an easy to use source to locate an attorney who is able to serve their needs in their area. Attorneys are listed by city with with up to four (4) specialties. An attorney's listing includes; The attorney or firm name, a brief description of thirty five (35) words or less and a link to the attorney's website.

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Listing Restrictions

Each listing will be for one city only. You can list in as many cities as you wish, however there will be an additional review charge for each city requested.

All listings must have a website. We do not list attorneys or firms that do not have websites.

Listing Review Fee

  • $39.95 for each listing reviewed.

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